What is the difference between Health and Wellness?

The terms health and wellness sometimes are interchanged. In years past, health was defined simply as the absence of disease. However, being healthy is more than just not being physically sick. Wellness is a dynamic word. To easily understand this, think of health as a state of being whereas wellness is the state of living a healthy lifestyle. Health & Wellness encompasses physical health, mental/emotional health, intellectual health, social health, environmental health, and spiritual health. All six components of wellness interwoven together create well-being.

Where are you on the continuum of wellness? The next six posts will concentrate a bit on each component of wellness. Do you have an empty journal or spiral notebook that you can devote to wellness? I like using an old fashioned journal for many of my thoughts and writings, not just the computer. I have a journal specifically to record my dreams as well as for spiritual study. Creating a wellness journal can help you determine where you are balanced and where you are not.

So get ready for a mini-course on achieving wellness.