What advice would you give yourself?

When you feel like your life is missing something or you keep making the same mistakes over and over again, or you simply don’t know what steps to take next, take a few minutes and pretend that you are 20 years in the future looking back on your life right now. What advice would you give yourself if you could see yourself from a completely different perspective? Would you be telling yourself to start eating better, start exercising, improve a relationship, or get out of a relationship? Would you be telling yourself to go back to school, change careers, or find your spirituality? Sometimes that helps me when I do exactly that. I pretend that I am 78, rather than 58. What would I be thinking about my decisions that I am making right now? I know for some of them I would be saying “go girl, you’re doing great,” or I might be saying “Karen you know better.” I listen when I know I am giving myself some good advice. I also pray that my spiritual guides are directing me in advising myself as well.

Try it and see if it helps you. Feel free to leave suggestions that help you.