The Taste of Nature’s Foods, naturally!

Do you even know what Nature’s foods even taste like with nothing added to them? By that I mean basic simple food straight from nature. When I was growing up we ate sliced tomatoes with sugar on them. I never ate a tomato plain until I grew them in my own garden at age 36. Until then I had no idea how good a home grown tomato was with nothing at all added to it. Even avocados were eaten with mayonnaise on them, or foods were tossed in a salad drenched with dressing. Carrots were cooked and drenched in butter. Potatoes were ladened with butter and cream. Today I can enjoy the taste of lightly steamed carrots plain with nothing added, not even salt.

We get so use to adding high fat dressings, butter, salt, and cream sauces to basic foods that many children do not even recognize common produce. When seasoning is desired, healthy herbs and spices can be added to foods that actually enhance the nutritional value, not distract from it. We add so much extra fat to cover up the taste of simple foods, and then we wonder why we have a weight problem in our country.

Practice lightly steaming vegetables or eating them raw and find out how mother nature actually gives them to us.Once you get use to eating food the way it comes from the garden or farm, then when you add a smidgen of dressing to it, it will taste like a gourmet meal. It may take a bit of adjustment for people who are use to adding sugar and fat to almost everything they eat, but in the end it is better for your heart, your waist line, and your brain.