“Let Your Light Shine”

The other day I was speaking with a mother who was dealing with some very difficult behavior from her young daughter. The child’s behavior was upsetting the mother, as it would any mother. The mother explained the child’s behavior as “dark and angry.” The mother was at a loss at what to do. She too was angry and frustrated by the situation. As I thought about this, I realized that one cannot make darkness go away by force but only by bringing light into the situation will the darkness go away. When we go into a dark room, we don’t yell at it and tell it to go away. We turn on a light.

The point I am making is we will have more success by first bringing our own light to a situation and hoping it will influence others. By this I mean calming, love energy. Unfortunately it does not guarantee that the darkness (depression, anger, etc.) inside others will automatically go away, but there is a better chance at helping the person change if they can see and feel love energy emminating from those around them. If we stay angry and bitter over a bad situation, we are not likely to help anyone improve. As the saying goes, “Let your light shine.”