Eating Fruits and Vegetables from a Glycemic Load Perspective

We seem to read everywhere to eat “lots of fruits and vegetables.” I would rather it read eat “lots of vegetables and fruits daily.” Fruits and vegetables are full of anti-oxidants that help repair our damaged cells and help keep the healthy ones healthy. We need to eat a lot of vegetables – It is hard to gain weight eating too many unadulterated fresh or frozen vegetables. Now as for the fruit. There are a lot of good vitamins and phystonutrients in fruits as well, so they are also good to eat, but not on a limitliess basis. The key to eating fruit is to mostly eat fruits that are also high in fiber. If you are concerned because you are diabetic or have hypoglycemia, limit your intake of bananas and mangoes, as they have a higher glycemic load than other fruits. Basicially eat a lot of fresh or frozen vegetables without all of the high fat dressings added to them and about two servings of fruit daily. Also be cautious on the fruit juice. A little is good and a lot is not better.

In sumary: eat more vegetables than fruit.