Dealing with stress by popping more pills?

Today while on CNN, I thought I was reading a legitimate article about dealing with stress, a topic that always interests me. I started reading, and about the time I realized the article was really an advertisement, a video popped up. The claim? A new miracle product, a dose two capsules, will relieve stress WITHOUT you even having to change your daily habits. They note, that many people find it too difficult to change their diet or exercise, thus we can solve our stress problems with 2 pills.

I hope anyone who believes this approach to stress management will think twice. I am not saying that the ingredients in this NEW product might not help, IF you are eating well and getting enough physical activity, and getting enough sleep, but any pill in and of itself cannot replace proper nutrition and physical activity no matter what the product manufactures profess.

Old fashioned nutritous healthy food and physical activity needs to be the foundation of everyone’s stress management program.