Creating Balance in Your Life

We often live off-balanced lives whether we realize it or not. Sometimes this might be because we only do waht we like best. But more often than not, our lives are unbalanced from things that seem out of our control. It may be a demanding job, school, kids, or whatever.


My life recently has been a bit tilted toward the mental facet of my life. I read and write most of the day, most days. Between work and school, it seems I live with my nose in a book or my eyes mesmerized by the computer screen.

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The other night I went to Walmart to pick up a few things. I happened to walk down the craft isle looking at jewelry supplies. I met a woman on the same isle looking at the yarn. We struck up a fun conversation, which her husband eventually rescued us from, about our efforts to balance our lives. She is learning to knit, while I am taking up jewelry making. We had a fun motivating chat about how being creative with how hands helps to balance our minds from too much mental work.

I use to do a lot of sewing and baking, so I used my hands in creative ways often. Now I exercise my fingers mostly with the computer keyboard. Out of desperation and my love for rocks, I decided to start making simple jewelry made from crystal beads. I was surprised to find how uncoordinated I had become. I had a hard time threading a nylon thread through a bead. I kept dropping them. I don’t have arthritis so that was not the problem. It was just that I was out of practice being creative with my hands. All of my creativity was with my mind. I was really off balance. This is one simple example of recognizing imbalance.

Perhaps you do a lot of things with your hands. Perhaps you are a hairstylist, cashier, or massage therapist, and you do very little concentrated mental work (not that those things do not take thinking because they do). The main thing is to actually pay attention to what you do all day and to recognize where you might be out of balance. What is the counterpart of your daily activities. Incorporating these ideas into your daily living will encourage balance in your life.