Category: Stress Management

Are You Happy?

Are you happy? If the answer is yes, that is terrific. That is what we are really wanting. We want to be happy. If the answer is no. You are not happy, then the question is why not? That can be a tough question to answer. We all know people who have a ton of […]

What advice would you give yourself?

When you feel like your life is missing something or you keep making the same mistakes over and over again, or you simply don’t know what steps to take next, take a few minutes and pretend that you are 20 years in the future looking back on your life right now. What advice would you […]

5 Toxic Words that hinder self-empowerment

There are at least 5 TOXIC words that hinder our ability to become self-empowered. Self empowerment means possessing the inner strength and resources to bring about a desired change in our lives. The 5 toxic words to avoid saying to ourselves are: should, ought to, need to, have to, and must. For example saying to […]

Dealing with stress by popping more pills?

Today while on CNN, I thought I was reading a legitimate article about dealing with stress, a topic that always interests me. I started reading, and about the time I realized the article was really an advertisement, a video popped up. The claim? A new miracle product, a dose two capsules, will relieve stress WITHOUT […]