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Quote for the Day

“If I fall down seven times, I will get up eight.” When that comes to health and wellness, don’t let your mistakes stop you from getting up again and getting back on board with healthy living choices. We are not always on top. We all fall down on our goals and aspirations. The important thing […]

“Let Your Light Shine”

The other day I was speaking with a mother who was dealing with some very difficult behavior from her young daughter. The child’s behavior was upsetting the mother, as it would any mother. The mother explained the child’s behavior as “dark and angry.” The mother was at a loss at what to do. She too […]

5 Toxic Words that hinder self-empowerment

There are at least 5 TOXIC words that hinder our ability to become self-empowered. Self empowerment means possessing the inner strength and resources to bring about a desired change in our lives. The 5 toxic words to avoid saying to ourselves are: should, ought to, need to, have to, and must. For example saying to […]