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Eating Fruits and Vegetables from a Glycemic Load Perspective

We seem to read everywhere to eat “lots of fruits and vegetables.” I would rather it read eat “lots of vegetables and fruits daily.” Fruits and vegetables are full of anti-oxidants that help repair our damaged cells and help keep the healthy ones healthy. We need to eat a lot of vegetables – It is […]

High-Sugar Diets Linked to Cholesterol

Did you know that added sugar to your diet triples your risk of having your HDL cholesterol too low?Remember HDL is the good guy. My trick to remember HDL is the good guy because “H” stands for happy. HDL levels that are too low play a factor in heart disease. Did you also know that […]

The Taste of Nature’s Foods, naturally!

Do you even know what Nature’s foods even taste like with nothing added to them? By that I mean basic simple food straight from nature. When I was growing up we ate sliced tomatoes with sugar on them. I never ate a tomato plain until I grew them in my own garden at age 36. […]