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5 Toxic Words that hinder self-empowerment

There are at least 5 TOXIC words that hinder our ability to become self-empowered. Self empowerment means possessing the inner strength and resources to bring about a desired change in our lives. The 5 toxic words to avoid saying to ourselves are: should, ought to, need to, have to, and must. For example saying to […]

What is the difference between Health and Wellness?

The terms health and wellness sometimes are interchanged. In years past, health was defined simply as the absence of disease. However, being healthy is more than just not being physically sick. Wellness is a dynamic word. To easily understand this, think of health as a state of being whereas wellness is the state of living […]

Creating Balance in Your Life

We often live off-balanced lives whether we realize it or not. Sometimes this might be because we only do waht we like best. But more often than not, our lives are unbalanced from things that seem out of our control. It may be a demanding job, school, kids, or whatever.   My life recently has […]